Polarr Inspirations

1. Disasters
Where Are Chernobyl’s Children?
2. Fighting Scenes
The Grisly Spectacle of Lucha Libre Extrema
3. Miniature
Taking an Inner Trip, with Scale Photography
4. Political Portrait
The Divided States Of America
5. Outdoor Garments
Photographing Quinceañeras in Bogotá
6. Storms
“We Have to Get the F#@! Out of Here”
7. Animals
Wildlife Gets the Celebrity Photo Shoot Treatment
8. Surreal Stop Motion
The Particular Hustle of a Commercial Photographer
9. High Dynamic Fine Arts
This Moment, Exactly So.
10. Low Color Temperature Portrait
How Iceland Inspired “An Equal Difference” by Proposing to Feminize Banking
11. Earth & Space
Life in Zero Gravity
12. Black & White Landscape
New Book Bursts with Surf Photographer’s Best Shots From Around the World
13. Typography & Brand Marks
New York Said
14. Midwest
Foreseeing Environmental Collapse On America’s West Coast
15. Wildlife
Survival Tips from a Wildlife Photographer
16. Musicians
Photographing Musicians, The Way They Want To Be Seen
17. Makeups
One Photographer’s Immersive Study of the Geisha
18. Flashlight Portrait
Bye Bye Portfolio
19. Improvised Street Portrait
Confessions of a Life-long Street Photographer
20. Interiors
The 1% in Photos: The Lives of the World’s Wealthiest People
21. Poverty
With a Love Greater Than That of the World They Inhabit
22. Refugees
In Photos: The Lives of Tibetan Refugees Across the Globe
23. Communities
After the Million Man March
24. Instant Film Portrait
Wrapping New Stories Around Old Polaroids
25. Clubbing
A European Revival Of 80s Harlem Vogue Culture Is Happening Right Now
26. Black & White Portrait
Meet the Charro: Mexican Cowboys Fighting to Save the Art of Horsemanship
27. Low Light & Long Exposures
Working the Rave: Photos of a Loved Up Music Scene
28. Vintage Cars
Touring Cuba, One Body Shop at a Time
29. Painted Nude
Lucid Dreams in the American West
30. Mothers & Daughters
Photographing Multiracial Families In Scotland
31. Wine Parties
Bets, Bubbly and Bow-Ties: Meet the Toffs and the Wannabe Upper-Classes of British Horse-Racing
32. Film Portrait
Wu-Tang Clan: Portraits of the Young Emcees
33. Textiles
When You Are Engulfed In Curtains
34. Black & White Actions
A Visual Love Letter to Cuba
35. Black & White Closeups
Surviving the Scare: Portraits of the Original AIDS Activists
36. Flotation
Making People Float (and Other Concerns of a Concept Photographer)
37. Surreal & Lonely Lanscape
Chronicling Depression, with Photography
38. Deep Space
The Art of Space Photography
39. HIgh Contrast Black & White Portrait
Making Portraits In Africa, Respectfully
40. World Travel
This Is What a 40,000km Bike Ride Around the World Did To This Photographer’s Depression
41. Instant Film
If Somebody Leaves a Papaya, You Better Grab It
42. Vintage Film
Can You Spot the Hidden Mothers in These 19th Century Portraits?
43. Self Portrait
Portrait of the Artist as a Woman
44. Long Term Projects
Being 30, Around the World
45. Hipster Portrait
On Ukrainian Hipsters
46. Prop Portrait
Exploring Mars In Utah’s High Desert
47. Junk Yard
Archaeology of a Bay Area Town
48. Cats
Meet the Abandoned Animals Adopted by Buddhist Monks
49. HDR Black & White Portrait
An American In Manila
50. Instant Film Travel
Meet the 5-Year Old Photographer Chronicling the American West
51. Beard
The Many Bearded Milwaukeeans
52. Backstage
London’s Underground Rockabilly Scene
53. Non-urban Portrait
Homeschooled in the Catskills
54. 360 Degree Panorama
The Real Jurassic Park
55. Abandoned Architecture
Warped Photos of Abandoned Buildings
56. Paintings
“Gender Treason”:
57. Family Portrait
What Does Your Family Look Like?
58. Fashion
The Last Mag Standing
59. Instagram
Rediscovering Instagram
60. Celebrities
“Cameras Were Invented for Inarticulate Photographers Like Me”

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